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Introduction to the Digital Work Flow

LAVA Chair Side Oral Scanner (COS)

Introduction to the Digital Work Flow!

Fine Art Ceramics are one of only a handful of UK sites who are able to provide the LAVA Digital Work Flow to their customers.

As an authenticated Lava Design Centre, Fine Art Ceramics are able to accept digital impressions from the Lava Chair Side Oral Scanner, and design the resin model by virtually marking the margins and ditching the dies utilising the exact video image sent from the dentist, eliminating the stone model production, with the highly accurate and durable stereo lithography (SLA) models. The digital files enable timely and effective communication between technician and dentist.

On Tuesday, 30th June, Paul and Ian hosted an evening seminar to introduce the new Lava Chair Side Oral Scanner from 3M ESPE. The evening event invited dentists into the laboratory where presentations were given by Dr Phil Evans of Techceram, Dr Rakesh Jivan of Euston Place Dental Practice, Leamington Spa and Barry Chidlow Lava C.O.S trainer 3M ESPE.

The Lava C.O.S features proprietary 3D-in-motion technology allowing for the capture of continuous 3D video images with the use of a digital wand, ultimately resulting in precise fitting restorations.

The Lava C.O.S:


Fiona Hoskin
Senior Sales, Digital Dentistry